Friday, September 2, 2011

Endless Summer of Farming!

Using the chickens to fight our crappy grasshopper infestation.  This actually worked very well, at least until they discovered our tomatoes. Now, I just have to be sure to keep them on the task of grasshopper killing...

Found this blossom-end rot on several ripening tomatoes when I got back from Peru.  Though ugly, the unaffected parts of the fruit are still edible.  The 'rot' is caused by a calcium deficiency brought on by either deficient soil or not enough water.  Be careful, though, not to water too much while the fruit is ripening because too much water causes tomatoes, melons, and head-type lettuce and cabbage to split. For deficient soil, incorporate a little gardeners lime or some Tums to the soil around plant base.

The chickens drinking out of the hose.  The big RI Red in the middle is Dog the Bounty Hunter, our newly-crowing rooster.  He's on his way to a farmer-friend's place soon, though...
USU Student Organic Farm where I spent my summer when I wasn't in Peru.  This place is breathtaking as the sun rises!

More poly-culture at the Organic Farm

My buddy Stu and I built a deer fence at the farm over the last couple of months.

Some beets my lovely wife canned from our garden at home

Harvesting kale from the Organic Farm hoop house

Dog.  If he'd just keep quiet, I wouldn't always be thinking of creative ways to kill him...


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  2. Good job this summer babe! It has been so much fun being farmers together!!!

  3. Nice blog - try adding eggshells when transplanting tomatoes to avoid bottom-rot