Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Greenhouse!

So, the weather has been beautiful over the past few days, so I decided to get an early start on my A-Frame greenhouse that I designed one late night at work.  The dimensions are 8' x 10' x ~5-1/2' tall, so it becomes a hybrid of a-frame, cold frame, and high tunnel technology.  It's framed with dimensional lumber (to be painted white in order to reflect light better) and will be covered with sheets of clear corrugated polycarbonate.  The south-facing roof is hinged and when opened, provides access to the two hydroponic/aquaponic grow beds and the containerized herbs and vegetables inside.

Here's a view to the west:

Coveralls are so flattering... Anyway, I chose an East-West orientation in order to maximize light exposure to plants (As is recommended for free-standing greenhouses above 40 degrees latitude).  Instead of weed barrier mat and gravel for a floor, I am choosing to go with a less-permanent layer of bark mulch.  
This Sunday,  I am scheduled to visit a colleague at Western Worms, where I will learn a little more about vermicomposting (making compost with worms).  I'm planning on having a few bins for worms and will use the worm castings (poop) for my potting mixture when I transplant my seedlings next month.  More on that later!

 Fresh  veggies in April, here I come!


  1. A gardener and a builder! Super cool. You'll need to post on FB when you update your blog! Yeah!

  2. I had no idea you were doing this! Last I heard you were going to be a vet. Did all those Food, Inc. type documentaries help sway you? It's definitely changed the way I'm thinking about food and we're making changes one at a time. So jealous of your green house! Any ideas for planting veggies on an east-facing apartment deck?